The Club

A Spectacular Show

Club Gibò was founded in 1982 thanks to Gigi Costa’s desire to create a different kind of club – one of extraordinary, magical beauty with an ambience that was both romantic and sensual.

Club Gibò is an exclusive and elegant club whose mission is to impress, offering an array of emotions, excitement and fun during the long summer nights here in Salento.

Moreover, Gibò is not only one of the most glamorous, beautiful and famous clubs in Italy but also a journey in time and space that offers a unique multi-sensory experience – affirmed this year by winning the  status of “Best Disco in Italy” at the MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Show) awards in Montecarlo.

Nestling on the rocky cliffs of Santa Maria di Leuca, Gibò overlooks the crystalline seas all around from its many terraces – offering spectacular panoramas over the sheer cliffs, ancient dry-stone walls and abundant Mediterranean maquis.

This spectacular panorama is what meets visitors for the first time as they climb the steps to Gibò – an unforgettable sight that will stay with them forever.

A live disco sculpted from the living rock, a unique place where you can relax, have fun and sip on a delicious, ice-cold cocktail under the stars, all the while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Private and intimate personal interiors with soft lighting, beautiful terraces, a romantic piano bar and two dance-floors make for a fantastic setting for the senses where you can relax and enjoy live music or dance the night away.

Club Gibò’s range of cocktails are the fruit of experience, creativity, artistry and passion! With unique and innovative recipes, blended to taste, our cocktails are sure to satisfy even the most most seasoned of connoisseurs.

With its wonderfully glamorous spirit, Gibò annually hosts numerous nationally and internationally renowned deejays as well as contemporary musicians and emerging artists who energise the club with the best sound of the moment; House, Commercial and Dance are just some of the genres to be enjoyed at Gibò!

As a myriad of stars light up the midsummer sky, we raise our glasses of sparkling wine to the heavens – in that fleeting, yet infinite moment a magical fusion of the aroma of the sea, the voices of our guests and the enchanting rhythm of the music casts it spell!

Thanks to the insight, creativity and professional spirit of its founder, Gibò has been a main point of reference, if not an institution in itself, for the nightlife in Salento for over thirty years – a gathering place par excellence for a special kind of clientele.

The Extraordinay Show

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