Gibò 42 Restaurant

The poetry of pleasure

Gibò 42 is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.

With its terraces that open out and look over the sea accompanied by ambient live-set music, Gibò 42 truly offers a dining experience you will never have dreamt of before.

This spectacular and infinite atmosphere where the natural aromas of the land add an enchanting scent to the air creates an ambience that is unique while at the same time leaves you in contemplation of the vastness of the horizon – as if floating dreamily in the clouds.

Gibò 42 offers its guests this dreamlike experience on its terraces overlooking the sea.
Accompanied by its exceptional live-set music and immersed in this atmosphere of pure emotion, Gibò 42 is a new experience in dining, an experience in which the arts of creation become the poetry of pleasure – a heightening of the senses.

During each and every moment dining at Gibò 42, your soul itself will be nourished, not only by our dishes but by a sense of infinite serenity and extreme pleasure – to the point that you could forgive yourself for thinking, I’m in Paradise!”

Individual, diverse, refined and elegant, Gibò 42 transforms every dish into a journey, a journey into the spirit of the best of Apulian cuisine – with the aromas and essences of this rich and fertile land, we celebrate our cuisine through the talent and passion of our foremost Apulian chefs.

Our restaurant has the exquisite touch of our culinary artists, artists who work in harmony with nature in order to create dishes that express their love affair with excellence – celebrating the  wonderful bounty of the sea with only the freshest of products.

As well as this, new and exciting combinations of tastes and flavours are constantly being created in order to tantalise our guests’ palates.

Our philosophy is simple: “communicate and inspire with food”, and this is based upon a number of fundamental principles, including our rigorous selection of local products of only the highest quality, our continuous research and innovation in creating our dishes, the highest level of professional yet at the same time personal service offered to our guests and last, but by no means least, our impeccable mise en place.

Gibò 42 draws inspiration not only from the wonderful traditions of Apulian cuisine, but also a fusion of Mediterranean and international influences, a fusion which allows us to offer our guests new and innovative dishes and pleasures of the palate to guarantee the most intense of taste sensations.

We place the highest importance on the sourcing and authenticity of our products which are locally produced and seasonal. In this way we truly celebrate the fruits of nature.

Exclusive dining

A terrace overlooking the sea, in a private and reserved area, is here to welcome our guests in order to create a beautifully romantic atmosphere that will relax, tantalise and surprise even the most demanding of tastes due to a refined Mediterranean cuisine – perfect for an unforgettable candlelit dinner accompanied by scented sea breezes under the stars.

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