The most exclusive wedding venue by the sea in Puglia.

Gibò is without doubt one of the most enchanting places in the world.

Situated in the ancient Terra d’Otranto, Gibò is the ideal stage on which to set your special day in this most poetic and romantic of locations in this spectacular part of southernmost Italy.

A true masterpiece without limits, Gibò is one of the most picturesque places that human artistry could create and is also a perfect setting for the most important and memorable day of your life.

Gibò is a magical location, rich in splendour and chic elegance –  the perfect place to celebrate love beneath the infinite sky and timeless blue sea, set against the backdrop of a seemingly endless horizon.

Your special day will become pure poetry in motion with the first light of dawn, the romantic sunsets and the silver magic of the moon – the ideal setting in which to celebrate beauty and love.

When the saffron hues of the setting sun softly caress the sea and blend magically with the dusky horizon, the atmosphere comes alive with enchantment.

The golden breeze, the mysterious little paths in the shade of fragrant Mediterranean maquis and the warm reflections of the sun on ancient stone walls all blend harmoniously with the rich reds of the earth – colours that paint a picture of passion and romance.

The exclusive private pathway along the coast with its spectacular terraces overlooking the sea cliffs, as well as the elegant internal rooms with their exquisite design, all become a perfect place in which to organise grand ceremonies or intimate and cosy occasions where everything can be tailor made to suit your individual tastes and requirements, hereby creating wedding reception atmospheres and settings that are exclusively unique for each and every moment of your special day – from a welcoming aperitif de bienvenue, to the wedding banquet and the final celebration party.

Gibò offers a wonderfully romantic backdrop for the perfect wedding at any time of the year.

Our specialised team, ranging from management, staff and wedding planners, will work together with the happy couple in organising their special day – focusing to perfection on every little detail in order to ensure that the event is both special and unforgettable.

Ranging from musical accompaniment, flowers, decoration and catering – with the choice of refined menus and the highest quality wines – every little detail will be considered meticulously to suit the exact needs of the bride and groom.

“Owing to our impeccably high level of professional and personalised service, you can be assured that your wedding will be exactly the wedding that you had always dreamt of.”
Marta Costa, Managing Director.

You and your guests can enjoy a taste of a privileged lifestyle: superlative food, excellent wines, professional service with absolute exclusivity guaranteed.

An irresistible wedding, made in Italy – epitomising the best of Italian hospitality and culture –   your guests will be amazed with what Salento has to offer, from breathtaking scenery, art, history, culture and, above all, exquisite cuisine.

Gibò’s Executive Chef meets wedding clients to create a bespoke menu, using only the best of Apulian produce and seasonal ingredients.
He can also advise on appropriate accompanying wines, chosen from a banqueting wine list.

The rich variety of traditional local delicacies married to the time-honoured culinary traditions of Apulia are sure to offer your guests a wonderfully unique experience.

Owing to the creative genius and talents of our chefs and the professionalism of our personnel, your wedding banquet will be a triumphant celebration of sensations, flavours, aromas and colours.
At any time of the year, given seasonal considerations, Gibò will be able to help you create your dream wedding, not only hosting your reception but also the actual ceremony with a civil rite.

This special combination of luxury and magic is what makes Gibò a tribute to love and that special place in which the emotions of the bride and groom as well as their guests will sparkle underneath a myriad of stars gazing out towards the rich golden horizon as the sun sets over the boundless sea of Santa Maria di Leuca.

Civil ceremonies

Gibò hosts civil ceremonies on one of its many beautiful terraces overlooking the sea, caressed by the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis and against the splendid backdrop of the wonderful Salentinian landscape set between the earth and the sky.
This breathtaking and timeless landscape will welcome bride and groom by offering a setting that is rich in its splendid beauty and magnetism, as well as its ability to transform the most important day of their lives into a wonderful dream called reality.

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