La Puglia
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“One of the most beautiful regions in the world!”

This is the extraordinary recognition, and honour, that has been bestowed upon Apulia by such important global media as National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

The New York Times describes Apulia as a “magical land”.

Apulia is a land in which it is possible to experience the unique – not only because of its sea, its ancient walled towns, its rural and modern reality, its castles and cathedrals but above all, due to its genuine feel, its wine and its cuisine. ”– La Stampa.

In its marvellous uniqueness, Apulia truly reflects a cultural richness, benefits to mind, body and spirit and all, that by its sheer nature, is excellent. Apulia reflects just how much there is to see in the world today.

Carlos Solito, Apulian photographer, director and writer has stated in Vanity Fair that “Apulia has an irresistible magnetism because, despite its low lying plains it will still give you a sense of vertigo with all of its colours, diverse landscapes and olive groves that shimmer in the gentle breeze. They dance the pizzica! You have to appreciate this at sunset with a warm sirocco wind under a full moon! Gaze upon the rolling hills! It is as if you experience a tale from the Arabian Nights rolled out before you on a silver carpet.”
To this he adds, on  Apulia, “It is a source of wind and bright light and salty sea air, it excites the senses, blending and enchanting them to the point that they become a travail of the senses, known better by travellers as the sense anticipation that will give birth to the journey that is Apulia.”

Apulia, already high up in Trip Advisor rankings, is one of the places to visit anywhere in the world.