In search of the Sublime

 “A successful project is accomplished only by giving it your heart and soul.” Gigi Costa

This is the principle, the essence of which created Gibò, making it not only a physical reality but also a place for the spirit.

This is Gigi Costa’s philosophy, the philosophy of a versatile and brilliant entrepreneur who, with Gibò, has created his life’s most beautiful masterpiece.

This is Gigi’s mission, the mission of a man who loves to celebrate his own joie de vivre and passionate work ethic alongside his love of beauty by creating a little corner of paradise, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in the heart of his own country, in the serenity of this his most beloved and magical of places where nature in all her awe conducts a spectacular symphony in her pristine opera of emotions.

By offering unforgettable emotions and memories, Gibò casts its magical spell so that our guests become part of this dimension of immeasurable beauty in which they are guaranteed excellence.

“The joy of my guests, their smiles, their moments experienced at Gibò are the raison d’être of this place”, affirms Gigi Costa, Apulian entrepreneur par excellence.

Gibò is the synthesis of all the emotions of the special people that come here. It is the chemistry that is created between them and the very soul of the place, a place where you can take time out to contemplate and discover yourself while immersed in the beauty of nature and under the stars. All who come here leave a little piece of themselves, their life stories, hopes, thoughts and dreams all leave an indelible trace that Gibò will keep forever.

Gibò is itself a tribute to love and it inflames the hearts of lovers on their wedding day with passion, as they dream of eternity before the vast and timeless immensity of the sea.

Gibò is an expression of the art, skill and talent of those who have managed to turn a club into a wonderful experience that you just must have at least once in your lifetime – bordering on the confines of reality and your wildest dreams and imagination.

The extraordinary beauty of Gibò is an eternal invitation to dream because here the wishes and dreams of all who choose Gibò come true, and this was the deeper meaning and vision of its founder, Gigi Costa.

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