Gibò Luxury Club & Weddings
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A Masterpiece overlooking the sea

A magical and otherworldly place,
free from the confines of space and time.
Gibò is one of nature’s gems, nestling on a wild and rugged headland,
between the earth and the sky and amidst the rocky inlets
that rise majestically above the sea.
A wonderful, timeless show,
a truly everlasting emotion.

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A dream within a dream

A true masterpiece without limits,
one of the most picturesque places that human artistry could create,
Gibò is a spectacular, magnificent luxury venue,
rich in splendour and outstanding beauty.
The perfect place to celebrate love beneath the infinite sky and
timeless blue sea, set against the backdrop of
a seemingly endless horizon.

Your Wedding at Gibò


Magical Gibò nights

One of the most glamorous, beautiful and famous clubs in Italy
that offers a luxury journey and a unique multi-sensory experience
affirmed this year by winning the status of
Best Disco in Italy at the MICS
(Monaco International Clubbing Show)
awards in Montecarlo.

The Club

Gibò 42 Restaurant

Divine dining pleasure

A dreamlike experience on romantic terraces overlooking the sea.
Accompanied by its exceptional live-set music
and immersed in this atmosphere of pure emotion,
Gibò 42 is a new experience in dining,
an experience in which the art of creation
become the poetry of pleasure – a heightening of the senses!

Discover Gibò 42 Restaurant

The Most Exclusive Wedding by the Sea in Apulia

Brochure Gibò

An emotional journey to discover this legendary Masterpiece overlooking the sea.

World of Gibò

Discover the world of Gibò by exploring the different areas of interest that go to creating our offer.

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Where we are


Salento, Apulia, Italy.

The Salento region has always been much more than just a place. It represents the deepest soul of Italy – a genuine expression of a life-style rich in culture, art, food and wine – a life-style that is loved all around the world.
The blue of the sea, the white Leccese stone, the earthy reds of the land and the green olive trees – these alone would be enough to account for the success of Salento.
This marvellous strip of land immersed in the overwhelming beauty of southern Italy, surrounded by the vastness of its two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic, amid the silence of centuries-old olive trees and the magic of unspoilt nature and timeless flavours.
This land with its magic atmosphere, an atmosphere that makes us dream in its landscapes and with the radiance of the sun, with its rugged coastline of countless shapes, the never ending sandy beaches and the crystal purity of the sea.
What is more, Salento never fails to impress with its historic and artistic Baroque majesty, the traces of its ancient people and their myths – all witnessed by the Mediterranean Sea, this melting-pot of peoples and cultures.
A blend of art, culture, tourism and tradition that truly make this land special.

Team Gibò

Team Gibò consists of highly qualified specialists with an equally highly diversified range of skills, experience and the utmost professionalism.
What unites our team is our great versatility and our painstaking pursuit of excellence –  not to mention the passion of those who work from the heart in order that our guests dreams come true!

Gigi Costa

Founder & Administrator

Marta Costa

Managing Director

Alessandra Costa

Responsabile Risorse Umane

Giovanni Spiri

Executive Chef

Luca Lillo

Responsabile Marketing e Comunicazione

Alessandro Conte

Club Events Manager