A truly everlasting emotion

Crowned as one of the most beautiful places in Italy, Gibò is truly a place for your soul – with its surreal and endless charm alongside its outstanding natural beauty and emotional power.

Gibò is one of nature’s gems, nestling on a wild and rugged headland, between the earth and the sky and amidst the rocky inlets that rise majestically above the sea.

We are in the glory of Apulia, near to the town of Santa Maria di Leuca – enchanting in itself – and in the locality of Ciolo, one of the most picturesque and spectacular places in Salento, where nature herself has conducted a wonderful and magical symphony of her sonata.

Gibò looks out on a dreamily everlasting horizon.

The rocky outcrops, in harmony with the crystal clear waters below, cannot help but leave you with the feeling of being in a unique place that few are lucky enough to experience – a magical and otherworldly place free from the confines of space and time.

Here, your breath will be taken away by the stunning blue sea and the wonderful ancient cave at the peak of the promontory as well as the symphony of colours conjured up by its beautiful sunrises.

Gibò offers you a multi-sensory experience – the sublime aroma of the Mediterranean maquis, gently caressed by the stars and by the lapping of the waves as you await the coming dawn that breaks over the horizon from the sea.

Gibò is not only a magical place for weddings, meetings, business events, private parties or elite occasions but also an historical club with an exclusive seafood à la carte restaurant.

Gibò offers you the chance of a unique experience to celebrate your special moments in life, listening to live music, sipping champagne or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner of the freshest seafood specialities accompanied by a wide selection of connoisseur wines.

The poetry in motion of Gibò is loved by many an Italian and international artist and these dreamy love affairs are enchanted in this little corner of paradise where the land looks eastwards towards the rising sun and over which the harvest moon casts its gaze.

At dawn, when the party, lights and euphoria gently calm and the hypnotic golden rays of the rising sun begin to fill the cove of Ciolo with an amber blaze, Gibò becomes comes into its essence, conjuring up both mystery and beauty with a myriad of colours and new emotions!

This is one of nature’s miracles and timeless shows, and one that will stay in your heart forever – because emotions are everlasting.

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An emotional journey to discover this legendary Masterpience overlooking the sea.

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