La struttura
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The luxury venue and the ancient cave

Magnificent Beauty

“Gibò’s natural scenery celebrates the great beauty of Apulia and southern Italy in its entirety

Gibò is an astonishing luxury venue of almost 8000 square metres, structured on five levels at the summit of a wonderful rocky headland that overlooks the sea.

Gibò is surrounded by majestic terraces, able to host up to 4000 persons, with sea views from where you can gaze out on and enjoy kilometres of coastline and breathtaking landscapes.

Gibò’s interiors are carved in the living rock – sculpted masterpieces of elegance and beauty. Our interiors can accommodate up to 220 persons.

At the summit of the headland, the ancient cave of Prazziche di Sopra is also to be found.


Nestling amidst this rocky landscape, overlooking the sea and with its large stonewalled terraces, its winding steps gently climb the stony heights to reveal breathtaking views from which you can admire kilometres of coast and sea, Gibò’s architecture both reflects and respects the contours, colours and atmosphere of the astounding nature that is to be enjoyed all around.

The panorama to be enjoyed from Gibò provides a wonderful view over the bay at Ciolo, where the colour of the water, the steepness of the rocks and the blue sky above make this wild, rugged and unspoilt coastline surely one of the most beautiful and enchanting sights in Italy.

From May to September, Gibò blossoms in all its charm thanks to 8,000 square metres of picturesque surroundings – a labyrinth of wonders amidst sweet flowers, ancient olive groves and hedgerows to which cornflowers, wild orchids and prickly pears add even more colour and fragrance.

The dry stone walls, typical of this area, adorn the rocky ridge of Gibò, the natural stone making this setting even more romantic, precious and a truly authentic work of art!

The gentle scents of the sea rise softly over the cliffs, bringing their delicate aroma to the numerous stone terraces, built on four levels – truly beautiful settings to dance through the night barefoot under the stars or host unforgettable buffets at weddings and special events.

The beautiful gardens and the wonderful private outdoor areas are simply perfect – cosy and intimate alcoves where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views over the sea or raise a toast to life with a glass of fine wine.

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The ancient cave of “Prazziche di Sopra”.

The ancient cave of Prazziche di Sopra (62 m above sea level, 42 m long and 6 m wide), is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is without doubt one of Gibò’s greatest treasures.

In order to admire this precious wonder, you need reach the highest point of the headland and be ready to discover the soul of this magical and extraordinary place


Gibò’s interiors also make this a special location – carved out from the living rock and with a simple elegance that marries both refinement and detail.

The 17th century archway, in the main hall next to an ancient olive tree that has literally grown into the structure, creates a deep feeling of harmony between man and nature.

The delicate lighting and the scented candles blending their soft scents with the aroma of the sea will envelop the senses and beckon you to slow down, unwind and relax in this warm and truly intimate place.

Gibò’s interiors open out on to the terraces overlooking the sea and are themselves masterpieces created by top designers, whose talents and skills have brought forth the character of the landscape whilst enriching and embellishing these works of man.

In choosing to conserve the interior stonework – the living rock or Otranto stone – in total purity, we at Gibò have sought to express our desire to refine our guests’ sensory experience and transport them to a dimension rich in its absolute authenticity, charm and appeal.

Our restoration work, carried out in full respect of ancient styles and with original materials, has focused at the same time on setting the highest standards in comfort and luxury – this has ensured that Gibò is one of the most admired and well-known locations in the Mediterranean.