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The Season of Love 2018 is Underway!

The Season of Love 2018 is Underway!

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The wedding season has just begun!

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Spring has always been an exciting time at Gibò after a winter busy organising dream events for the couples who choose to celebrate their special day nestled exclusively on the majestic cliffs of Salento and steeped in the splendour of Gibò’s wonderful setting. Our aim is always to create a unique event, an event that will always be remembered by the spouses and their guests.

At Gibò we all share in the enthusiasm and excitement of a wedding and our team is committed to making our guests’ dreams come true with new wedding plans and novel ideas. Nevertheless, every one of our weddings has its fundamental principles, that is to say: glamour, perfection and elegance, and all of our wedding options seek both to maintain and express sublime beauty along with original and authentic charm. Exclusivity, perfection, passion and desire for perfection are our trademarks, yet these are not the only things we offer; in addition, we offer expert assistance to the bride and groom to help them with their choice and planning of flowers, decorations and centrepieces.

Amid one of the most evocative landscapes in Apulia, with its striking bursts of colour, natural beauty and scents of both land and sea, our main terrace has truly breathtaking views over the Adriatic, where the elegance of the setting blends in perfectly with the picturesque panorama. Even the lighting is enhanced in order to create the perfect atmosphere for our weddings.

Moving inside, in the main room – set in the living rock – the newly-weds will be able to enjoy their reception in an environment bejewelled with a 200-year-old bonsai – ancient, precious and of unprecedented artistic beauty that surely symbolises the everlasting and timeless love of a wedding. Our dining tables are richly designed so as to personalise our events with their precious centrepieces  – works of art in themselves and creations of great value and visual impact.

Another Gibò must is of course our excellent cuisine that makes for a princely wedding banquet – a celebration of taste and enjoyment. Our menus are completely adaptable to novel flavours and combinations with refined, enthralling and irresistible dishes to delight our guests.

Feeling and emotion are always the heart of our events thanks to our collaboration with highly-esteemed international artists who guarantee an absolutely unique and unforgettable event.

Greetings and best wishes to everyone and we hope to see you soon with stories from our new season!

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